For ten years now, YouTube has continued to grow as the number one site for online videos. Millions of creators from around the world contribute non-stop to its seemingly endless library of videos: more than ten days worth of videos are uploaded every minute. As a result, probing the depths, and even the surface, of the site to find content that might interest you can be a huge undertaking, to the point that some people might give up before even starting.

There are currently just over 50 French YouTubers with over a million subscribers, three of whom appeared in the 2015 YouTube Rewind (two more than in 2014) and we can expect countless more to break the big million in the coming weeks and months.

Personally, I am a big fan of YouTube and spend many hours every day on the platform watching videos and looking for new and exciting creators. So, in the interest of saving you all some time, I’ve created a huge list of 70+ of the biggest and most creative YouTubers from the French speaking world.

Without further ado, here is my list of the biggest, best and most interesting YouTubers from the Francophonie!

Cyprien – Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Norman fait des vidéos - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Rémi Gaillard – Prank Videos
Mister V – Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Le Rire Jaune – Two Brothers: Classic French “Podcasting”
Studio Bagel – TV Quality Comedic Short films
MrAntoineDaniel – Creator Of “What The Cut?” – Viral Video Clip Show + Commentary
Palma Show – TV Quality Sketch Comedy
Golden Moustache - TV Quality Comedic Short Films
Hugo Tout Seul - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
ANDY – Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
SEB - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Le Woop – Sketch Comedy
Natoo - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
LaChaineDeJeremy - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Mathieu Sommet – Creator Of “Salut les Geeks” - Viral Video Clip Show + Commentary
Aziatomik - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Jimmyfaitlcon - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
La Ferme Jerome – Prank Videos
Pat la réalisation - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
LinksTheSun – Creator Of “Point Culture” - Pop Culture/Music Reviews/etc
Les clichés de Jigmé - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Les carnets de Jigmé - Creator Of “Mercredi des réponses” – Comment Commentary
Gonzaguetv - Prank Videos/Others
Le Show Jaune - Viral Video Clip Show + Commentary
Les Tutos - Comedic And Completely Useless Tutorial Videos
Bapt&Gael - Immature Humour

SQUEEZIE – Comedic Gaming Clip Show
CyprienGaming – Cyprien and SQUEEZIE Playing New Releases
joueurdugrenier – Comedic Reviews
TheFantasio974 – Mainly Minecraft
Siphano – Long Format Playthroughs
MrLEV12 – Call of Duty
FantaBobGames – Long Format Playthroughs
PlayComedyClub – Comedic Gaming Clip Show
Frigiel – Long Format Playthroughs/Minecraft
HugoPOSAY - Comedic Gaming Clip Show
Aypierre – Long Format Playthroughs/Minecraft
SUP3R KONAR – Comedic Gaming Clip Show
MrBboy45 – Long Format Playthroughs
WaRTeKGaminG - FPS
WaRTeK Games – First Time Playing Various Games
Guzz Productions - Comedic Gaming Clip Show
Wankil Studio - Laink et Terracid - Comedic Gaming Clip Show
Amixem - Comedic Gaming Clip Show
Bazar du Grenier – joueurdugrenier’s Secondary Channel – Long Format Playthroughs/Short Comedic Reviews
benzaieTV - Comedic Reviews

Science/Math/History/General Knowledge:
Les Questions Cons – Silly Questions And Their Answers
e-penser – Hard Physics/Other Sciences
DirtyBiology – Biology/Other Sciences
Scilabus – General Science/Myths
Mickaël Launay – Math/Geometry
Code MU – Words/Etymology
Axolot – History
Nota Bene - History
Taupe10 – Top 10s On Diverse Subjects
DanyCaligula – Philosophy
Pouhiou NoéNaute – Sex-Ed
Usul2000 – Philosophy/Big Questions
Histoire Brève - History

Le Fossoyeur de Films – Classic/Cult/New Movies
Durendal1 – New Movies
Karim Debbache – Game Adaptations

Caroline & Safia
Rose Carpet

Thomas Gauthier - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy
Je Joue Le Jeu – Comedic Game Reviews
Testeur Alpha - Comedic Game Reviews
Lysandre Nadeau – Vlogging/Others
Thierry Doucet - Classic French “Podcasting”/Sketch Comedy

And, just for fun, here’s a quick list of some of my all-time favourite videos.

Sizen is a 22-year-old student from Western Canada, a forum member who’s dabbled in over a dozen languages who describes himself: I’m half Quebecois, but I didn’t inherit my father’s native tongue as I grew up speaking only English at home. My parents did, however, put me in Early French Immersion when it was time to send me to school; I just didn’t start taking my French studies seriously until after high school. YouTube has always played an important role in my life and my language studies.